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Kaolin Clay

We offer a wide range of exclusive products and solutions at affordable prices. Our distribution center ships only goods of the highest quality to our valued customers.

Rapid Trading provides Kaolin for paper by Companies who areĀ  the global leader in kaolin and offers the most comprehensive range of kaolins for the paper industry, drawing upon reserves in Cornwall (UK), Georgia (US), Capim (Brazil) and Pittong (Australia). From filler clays to engineered kaolins for coating, New production and process control technologies facilitate the manufacture of coating kaolins to meet the needs of global papermakers. Proprietary on-line instrumentation used during kaolin production has now made it possible to commercialise a new generation of products.

In a marketplace where high quality is taken for granted and low cost is the key driver, we relies upon its understanding of pigments and multi-pigment formulation technology to offer the most cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Pigments for Paper & Packaging kaolin portfolio is shaped by our fundamental understanding of the technical and commercial needs of the various papermaking segments, the multi-pigment approach, the deliberate use of 'best fit' reserves to minimise processing cost and years of efforts to improve energy and other resource efficiencies.